Unique Shell has carved a niche for the consistent production and delivery of high- quality LPDC components. We have the latest LPDC machines to bring superior surface finish and accurate dimensions to the LPDC components. Our LPDC machines are PLC controlled and fully automated. Fully automated systems ensure error- free components which find numerous industrial applications.


  • Castings with intricate shell cores
  • Pressure tight parts up to 6 bar
  • Use of high – quality dycotes for good surface finish
  • Components weighing from 1 kg to 5 kg
  • Special filtration techniques are used for purifying the metal
  • Continous Metal temperature controls
  • Vibratory type nitrogen degassing


  • 11 Nos LPDC machines
  • Pneumatic decoring machine
  • Shot blasting
  • Shell core shooters
  • Heat treatment
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