The majority of component manufactured at Unique Shell Mould is by Gravity Die Casting. Our unique capability lies in the deliverance of components with pressure tightness even up to 20 bar air pressure. We have adequate technical know- how to manufacture fully finished GDC components with intricate cores which gives a very good surface finish.

Our speciality lies in utilizing the sophiscated infrastructure facilities to deliver superior quality GDC Components on –time, every time. Adherence to stringent quality control measures are in operation.


Castings with shell sand cores as well as metallic cores are made ranging from thick walled to intricate thin walled castings (profile wall thickness from 2.5 mm), weighing from 20gms to 5000gms
  • Tilt GDC for complex parts
  • Capable of handling Safety Critical products such as Brake calipers, Master cylinders etc
  • Online metal temperature and Continuous Die temperature
  • Nitrogen degassing and vacuum mould testing process
  • Chemical composition control through spectro inspection.


  • Electric furnace ranging from 100Kg-500Kg
  • Hydraulically operated Gantry type GDC machines
  • Hydraulically operated Gantry type GDC machines with tilting Attachment
  • Pneumatically operated Dies
  • Shell core shooters
  • Heat treatment
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