Unique Shell specializes in the production of copper-based alloys Gun Metal, Bronze (85/5/5/5) and Phosphor bronze (PB-I & PB-II). We use sophisticated shell molding process for the mold manufacturing and Core Making. Our process and advanced machinery ensure good surface finish and internal soundness of the components.


  • 70 Kg crucible type pit furnace
  • Shell moulding machine
  • Core shooter


  • Minimum casting weight is 0.10 Kg to 10 Kg
  • Complicated internal profiles can be achieved
  • The machining allowance can be maintained at the minimum
  • Assembled valves are also undertaken
  • Ingots are subjected to inspection
  • Material chemical composition control by spectrometer for every melt
  • Frequent temperature monitoring ( During melting & pouring)
  • Good melt control practices (Degassing, Filtration etc)
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